Paleo Swedish Meatballs

Paleo Swedish Meatballs 095

I will admit to adoring things from IKEA. Some things. The meatballs? That sorta fell off the good list some point since my 20s, which isn’t that long ago! The IKEA Swedish meatballs at one point used to be a favorite. But on a recent visit, they weren’t nearly the same as I remembered. I…

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Maple Walnut and Bourbon Chocolate Donuts

Maple Walnut Chocolate Donuts 072

Rich chocolate donuts topped with a maple walnut glaze, spiked with bourbon. And then drizzled with more chocolate to put these Paleo maple walnut and bourbon chocolate donuts over the top. A little late to the donut craze but arriving with bold intense flavors and chocolaty style. Oh the big fascination with donuts, and how I…

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Cook Me Brunch in Newton


Waking up with the morning sunlight gleaming on my sleepy face, the aroma of savory meats, and the sounds of sizzling eggs permeating from the kitchen, with a strong cup of coffee…maybe a little French Toast and a drink? Cook me brunch, Sweetheart! And bring it all to my room so I may have breakfast in…

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